Earning and using Free Bids

This is an evolving document, last updated March 4, 2024.

GOODBIDS makes it easy to add free bids to your account. You can use them in place of paid donations in eligible auctions.

The easiest way to get a free bid is to tell a friend about an auction using the link found on any auction page. If they use that link and bid in any auction (any amount), you will get a free bid added to your account, to be used in any auction you choose.

When you choose to use a free bid, you become the high bidder in that auction. If you’re the last donor, the reward is yours.

This doesn’t actually cost the non profits anything, since your free bid ratchets up the bidding. If your bid wins the auction, you’re still required to pay for shipping and sales tax (if any).

The bids have no monetary value and can’t be traded or sold. See all the terms and conditions below.

Make a difference, and share.

All the rules for free bids are below.

  1. Introduction: This document outlines the terms (the “Free Bid Terms”) for receiving free bids using them on the web tool (the “SERVICE”) operated by GOODBIDS, INC. (“GOODBIDS”). The SERVICE facilitates auctions organized by various non-profit entities (“NON-PROFITS”) for fundraising purposes, where individuals (“USERS”) can make donations and potentially earn rewards. This document is incorporated into, extends and amends the TERMS OF SERVICE FOR GOODBIDS posted to the SERVICE (the Terms of Service”)..

We may revise and update these Free Bid Terms from time to time in our sole discretion. All changes are effective immediately when we post them. Your continued access or use of the SERVICE following the posting of revisions to these Free Bid Terms that you accept and agree to the changes. You are expected to check this page each time you access the SERVICE so you are aware of any changes, as they are binding on you.

  1. Auctions: Each bid is a non-refundable donation. The highest bid placed in each auction purchases the reward being auctioned by the applicable NON-PROFIT or by a BRAND on behalf of the applicable NON-PROFIT. GOODBIDS provides only the SERVICE, which is then used by the NON-PROFIT a BRAND, at its sole discretion, to conduct the auction of the reward. GOODBIDS is an independent contractor of the NON-PROFIT or the BRAND, not an agent thereof or of the USER. The NON-PROFIT and/or the relevant BRAND, not GOODBIDS, is solely responsible for the reward being auctioned and the outcomes thereof.

    GOODBIDS is not a game of chance. Instead, the reward simply goes to the highest bidder. If someone bids just before an auction ends, the auction is extended.

All bids go directly to the NON-PROFIT that is the beneficiary of the auction. The NON-PROFITS pay a 10% fee to use this service, after the auction is complete.

  1. Free Bids: From time to time, USERS will be given the opportunity to obtain free bids. A free bid permits a USER to enter the next bid in an auction in the normal fashion, except a free bid coupon can be applied and no payment is due.
  2. Winning: If this bid wins the auction, the USER receives their reward.  The number of free bids in the USER’s account is decreased by one. While they do not have to pay for the bid, the USER is still responsible for taxes and delivery on the reward.
  3. Not winning: If the free bid doesn’t win the auction, the number of free bids in the USER’s account is decreased by one. The auction continues as it normally would. The tax status of the use of a free bid should be discussed with a tax professional.
  4. Referrals: Each user receives a custom free link when they register with GOODBIDS. Share this link with friends via email or social media, and if they bid in any auction of the GOODBIDS site, for any amount, the referring user receives a free bid to be used in any eligible auction.

    From time to time, GOODBIDS may limit the number of referral free bids any user is eligible to receive.
  5. Misuse of referrals: If a USER misuses the referral link, all of their free bids will be voided. Misuse is in the sole judgment of GOODBIDS, and may include (but is not limited to):

    Spam. You may not send the free bid link to people who do not want to receive it, in bulk. You shall indemnify and hold GOODBIDS harmless from any cost, claim or liability arising from your failure to comply with any law related to your use or distribution of the free bid link.

Non-payment. Any user that fails to pay for a donation will have their account closed and all free bids will be voided.

Concealment. You may not mask or cloak the referral link or pretend it refers to something else.

  1. Bonuses: From time to time, auctions will note that paid bids in an auction are eligible to receive free bids. These free bids are a bonus and can be used in any auction, including the auction they were received in, but are not received until the USER has successfully completed the action described to earn the bonus.
  2. Value: The value of a free bid is zero until used.
  3. Refunds: There are no refunds for unused or surrendered free bids. In the event of non-delivery of a reward, cancellation of an auction or other circumstance in which a USER might claim a refund under the Terms of Service.
  4. Transfer: There is currently no way to transfer a free bid to another USER or any third party. USER’s have no property right in any free bid and purported transfers thereof will be void.
  5. Warranty and risk: USERS obtain free bids at their own discretion. GOODBIDS makes no warranties or promises beyond the terms described in this document. There are no refunds and the program can be terminated at any time. Bid at your own risk.