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Original Shark Business Advice: Get a 15-minute critique from entrepreneur Daymond John

Here’s your chance to spend 15 minutes with Daymond John, the self-made entrepreneur celebrated for his achievements in fashion, branding, and as a key investor on “Shark Tank.”

All bids from this auction are donations to buildOn.

About the cause

buildOn has been uniting people worldwide through service and education since 1991.

Our programs are designed to build solidarity through civic engagement, create equitable socio-economic opportunities, and support sustainable social development.

We U.S. mobilize high school students from marginalized communities across six cities to transform their neighborhoods and themselves through service learning programs. Globally, we partner with communities in eight of the world’s economically poorest countries to construct schools, bring children back to school, and support adult learners through its Adult Literacy Program.

About the reward

Here’s your chance to spend 15 minutes with Daymond John, the self-made entrepreneur celebrated for his achievements in fashion, branding, and as a key investor on “Shark Tank.” In this exclusive session, Daymond will review and offer invaluable feedback on your business pitch or idea. With a track record of building multiple successful businesses from scratch, Daymond’s insights are priceless. Starting his entrepreneurial journey with just $40, he transformed it into the iconic FUBU brand, now worth six billion dollars.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner aiming for greater heights, this experience could provide the guidance you need to propel your venture forward. Your 15-minute, one-on-one session with Daymond will take place over Zoom, ensuring accessibility from anywhere.

Daymond John’s entrepreneurial prowess has earned him over 35 prestigious awards, including the esteemed Brandweek Marketer of the Year and the Advertising Age Marketing 1000 Award. He’s also been honored as the Ernst & Young New York Entrepreneur of the Year. Additionally, Daymond is a best-selling author, with acclaimed books like “The Power of Broke” and “Rise and Grind” under his belt.

Seize this unique opportunity to learn from one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs of our era. Daymond’s feedback and insights could be the game-changer your business pitch or idea needs.

Shipping and other important information

  • Scheduling: The winner will receive a link to select from available dates and times.
  • Eligibility: Valid for one adult.
  • Format: This experience includes a 15-minute private conversation via a virtual meeting platform (e.g., Zoom).
  • Recording and Distribution: Recording or distributing the session in any form is forbidden unless expressly permitted by the donor.
  • Purpose: The meeting is intended for gaining insights and advice, not for business pitches, an investment or other solicitations.
  • Follow-up: Any form of endorsement, personal contact, or subsequent follow-up with the host is prohibited.
  • Buyer’s Premium: There are no additional hammer fees or buyer’s premiums applied to this auction.

These rules amplify the terms and conditions for GOODBIDS. You can see the complete terms here.

Bidder accepts reward at their own risk, and is responsible for any actions taken while participating in the reward or as a result of interactions related to the reward.

By making a donation, bidder agrees to the following terms regarding this reward:

All bids are non-refundable donations to the nonprofit. In the sole discretion of the nonprofit or the auction item donor, the prize may not be awarded to the high bidder.

Reasons for this may include a lack of fit with the high bidder, or failure by the high bidder to honor these terms and conditions. In this case, the prize will be offered to the next highest bidder.

Bid at your own risk. All donations go directly to the nonprofit and there are no refunds.


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    the goodbids team

    Please note that after an auction has been extended, each new bid sets a new auction end time.

    This particular auction is currently set to end at 9am ET on Tuesday, 4/23/24.

    If someone bids after 9pm ET on Monday, 4/22/24, then the auction end time will be reset to 12 hours after the most recent bid. This is to prevent people from sniping the auction at the last second.

    So if someone bids at 9:01pm ET on Monday, 4/22/24, the new auction end time will be 9:01am ET Tuesday, 4/23/24.

    Other auctions may have shorter extension windows, but in all of our auctions, last minute bids extend the deadline.

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    I have an email confirmation from you for my bid of $170, which is also shown on my credit card. How can it be awarded to a big of $160?????

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