GOODBIDS is on hiatus as we prepare for our next steps forward. Thanks for your support.


GOODBIDS is a new project founded by a worldwide team of ruckusmakers. We’re building a tool that connects worthy causes with people who want to have fun supporting them.

GOODBIDS is free for you to use–the charities pay a fee for the auctions that work, and every penny you bid is transferred directly to the cause you care about.

Each of us has spent our careers working with important causes, often as volunteers. When Seth Godin, our founder, invented the idea of the positive auction, we knew it was time to offer this tool to non-profits that could benefit from it. The founding team includes our head of partnerships, Anne Marie Cruz, our technical lead, Jasper Croome, and our guru of interaction, Felice Della Gatta. Avaleen Morris leads our non-profit outreach and Jennifer Myers Chua is the guru of prizes. We’re grateful for the support of Automattic, the lead developers of the WordPress universe as well as the warlocks and magicians at Viget.

Every bid is a donation

We’re turning charity auctions and fundraising upside down and inside out.

A GOODBIDS positive auction features a fabulous reward for the winning bidder. The big difference is that EVERY bid is a non-refundable, valued donation to a charity you care about.

The highest bidder gets a reward, every bidder gets the satisfaction of supporting a good cause, and charities get more contributions and more donors which equals more opportunity to do more good.

All you need to do is find an auction you like and place a bid. The money goes directly to the charity and you’ll get a receipt for your tax deductible donation.