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A Swiftie’s Wildest Dreams: Two Tickets to Taylor Swift in Amsterdam

Hey Swifties! Are you ready for an experience that will make your “Wildest Dreams” come true? We’re giving you the chance to see the one and only Taylor Swift live in concert during her 2024 Amsterdam tour stop in July.

All bids from this auction are donations to charity: water.

About the cause

charity: water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe water to people around the world.

Since charity: water was founded in 2006, we’ve been chasing one ambitious goal: ending the global water crisis. And while the water crisis is huge, we’re optimistic. We know how to solve the problem, and we make progress every day thanks to the help of local partners and generous supporters. If we work together, we believe everyone will have access to life’s most basic need within our lifetime.

About the reward

Hey Swifties! Are you ready for an experience that will make your “Wildest Dreams” come true? We’re giving you the chance to see the one and only Taylor Swift live in concert during her 2024 Amsterdam tour stop in July. Just imagine being there, surrounded by the electric energy of Taylor’s music filling the air! These tickets are like your very own ‘Friendship Bracelets,’ inviting you into Taylor’s world of songwriting and melodies.

To complete the experience, we’ve included a $2,000 for a round-trip airfare from New York City for two persons. If you live elsewhere in the U.S., you can use the allowance for flights from your home state.

Taylor Swift is a global superstar, with an incredible 11 Grammy Awards and over 50 million albums sold worldwide. Her smash hits like “Love Story,” “Shake It Off,” and “Anti-Hero” have become the soundtrack to millions of lives, solidifying her as one of the most talented artists of our generation. Her “Fearless” album is the most awarded country album in history! Amsterdam’s rich musical legacy, from the renowned Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra to the city’s vibrant contemporary scene, creates the perfect setting for Swift’s lyrical storytelling to come to life.

So, come “Begin Again” with the sounds of Taylor Swift (and Paramore!) in a concert that promises to be as iconic as Amsterdam’s famous canals. Get ready for the memories you’ll make, the songs you’ll sing along to, and the stories you’ll get to share when you return home.

Auction end time, shipping, and other important information

This auction is currently set to end at 1:15pm ET on Friday, 4/26/24.

If someone bids after 5:15am ET on Friday, 4/26/24, then the auction end time will be reset to 8 hours after the most recent bid. This is to prevent people from sniping the auction at the last second.

So if someone bids at 5:16am ET on Friday, 4/26/24, the new auction end time will be 1:16pm ET Friday, 4/26/24.

Other auctions may have shorter extension windows, but in all of our auctions, last minute bids extend the deadline.

  • Location: Johan Cruijff Arena.
  • Date: July 6th 2024 at 6:00 pm.
  • Seats: Front Standing Right, General Admission.
  • Travel and Lodging: $2,000 credit.
  • Scheduling: The winner will be responsible for booking flights, lodging and other travel.
  • Eligibility: Valid for two adults age 15+ or one adult and one minor.
  • Buyer’s Premium: There are no additional hammer fees or buyer’s premiums applied to this auction.

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