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Song review by hitmaker: Music Executive Jason Flom critiques your song

Find your hit. Here’s your chance to have a song reviewed by Jason Flom, a music industry titan renowned for his golden ear in spotting and signing some of the most influential acts of our time.

About the reward

Find your hit. Here’s your chance to have a song reviewed by Jason Flom, a music industry titan renowned for his golden ear in spotting and signing some of the most influential acts of our time. This session offers you the chance to receive personalized feedback from Flom, whose expertise has been instrumental in launching the careers of iconic artists across genres.

Jason Flom’s illustrious career is a testament to his unparalleled talent for identifying and nurturing talent. As the mastermind behind the discovery and signing of artists like Katy Perry, Kid Rock, and Lorde, Flom has left an indelible mark on the music landscape. With decades of experience at major labels such as Atlantic Records, Virgin Records, and Capitol Music Group, Flom’s expertise has shaped the trajectory of countless artists and defined the sound of generations. Beyond his musical acumen, Flom is also recognized for his commitment to philanthropy, particularly in the realm of criminal justice reform.

In this 30-minute advice session, over Zoom, you’ll have the unique opportunity to get feedback on your song and access the wisdom and experience of a music legend. This is a chance to elevate your music with the guidance of someone who has played a significant role in the success of some of the biggest names in the industry.

Shipping and other important information

  • Scheduling: The winner will receive a link to select from available dates and times. 
  • Format: This experience includes a 30-minute private conversation via a virtual meeting platform (e.g., Zoom).
  • Recording and Distribution: Recording or distributing the session in any form is forbidden unless expressly permitted by the host of the experience.
  • Purpose: The meeting is intended for gaining insights and advice, not for business pitches or solicitations.
  • Follow-up: Any form of endorsement, personal contact, or subsequent follow-up with the host is prohibited.
  • Buyer’s Premium: There are no additional hammer fees or buyer’s premiums applied to this auction.

These rules amplify the terms and conditions for GOODBIDS. You can see the complete terms here.

Bidder accepts reward at their own risk, and is responsible for any actions taken while participating in the reward or as a result of interactions related to the reward.

By making a donation, bidder agrees to the following terms regarding this reward:

All bids are non-refundable donations to the nonprofit. In the sole discretion of the nonprofit or the auction item donor, the prize may not be awarded to the high bidder.

Reasons for this may include a lack of fit with the high bidder, or failure by the high bidder to honor these terms and conditions. In this case, the prize will be offered to the next highest bidder.

Bid at your own risk. All donations go directly to the non profit and there are no refunds.


  1. marc jacobson Avatar

    Can I bid, and if I win, give the winning bid to someone else, like a client?

  2. sethgodin Avatar

    Thanks Marc. You’re welcome to give it to someone else as long as they meet the terms and conditions.

    Resales are not permitted.

  3. Avatar

    hi! if the auction closes on a specific day, what time does the auction close exactly? midnight?

    and, when a last bid extends the auction, how long does it extend it for exactly? until the end of the next day? thank you!!!

  4. the goodbids team Avatar
    the goodbids team

    Hi Duncan!

    Apologies, but the original reply to your comment was incorrect. Here are the correct specifics for last-minute bidding on this auction:

    Please note that after an auction has been extended, each new bid sets a new auction end time.

    This particular auction is currently set to end tomorrow, 4/17/24, at 10:15am ET.

    If someone bids after 10:15pm ET today, 4/16/24, then the auction end time will be reset to 12 hours after the most recent bid. This is to prevent people from sniping the auction at the last second.

    So if someone bids at 10:16pm ET today, 4/16/24, the new auction end time will be 10:16am ET tomorrow, 4/17/24.

    Other auctions may have shorter extension windows, but in all of our auctions, last minute bids extend the deadline.

    Thanks again for your question!

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