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An original Fight Club poster autographed by Edward Norton

Dive into the heart of cinematic history with this original Fight Club poster, autographed by Edward Norton.

All bids from this auction are donations to Million Meal Project.

About the cause

The mission of The Million Meal Project is to fund, package, and distribute 1,000,000 meals over the next five years to families in need all over the world.  We run meal packing events with families of volunteers – 75% of our volunteers are under 18, and we have volunteers as young as 5 years old.  We work in partnership with Rise Against Hunger and other NGOs to procure materials and distribute finished goods to communities in over 30 countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

About the reward

Donated by Edward Norton, from his personal collection.

Dive into the heart of cinematic history with this original Fight Club poster, autographed by Edward Norton. This exclusive piece offers fans of the cult classic a unique connection to one of the most influential films of the late 20th century. Edward Norton’s portrayal of the unnamed protagonist, alongside Brad Pitt, created a movie experience that has continued to captivate and inspire audiences around the world.

Having Edward Norton’s signature on this poster not only elevates its value as a collector’s item but also brings a piece of Hollywood’s golden era directly to you. A one-of-a-kind memorabilia that celebrates the impact of Fight Club’s narrative on cinema and culture.

This poster is a must-have for film aficionados and Edward Norton fans alike, symbolizing the rebellion, introspection, and raw emotion that Fight Club represents. Don’t miss the chance to own a slice of cinema history, signed by one of the film’s iconic stars.

Shipping and other important information

  • Item size:  40 x 27 inches
  • Authenticity: From the Personal Collection of Edward Norton
  • Returns and Exchanges: This item cannot be returned or exchanged. 
  • Shipping: This item only ships to the US. Shipping cost is a flat-rate fee of $20, which the winning bidder will be charged after the auction ends.
  • Taxes: The recipient is responsible for any applicable taxes, duties, or fees associated with the receipt or use of this item.
  • Buyer’s Premium: There are no additional hammer fees or buyer’s premiums applied to this auction.

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