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Apple Watch Series 9 Gift Card

Immerse yourself in the forefront of wearable technology with the newest iteration of the Apple Watch. This offering takes the form of an Apple Gift Card, valued at $400, redeemable online at

About the reward

Immerse yourself in the forefront of wearable technology with the newest iteration of the Apple Watch. This state-of-the-art timepiece seamlessly merges groundbreaking innovation with impeccable craftsmanship, enriching your connectivity, fitness regimen, and health monitoring in one sleek device. It stands ready to introduce you to the latest advancements from Apple, right on your wrist.

Legend has it that during the conception of the inaugural Apple Watch, Apple sought counsel from renowned Swiss watchmakers, aiming to marry contemporary technology with time-honored watchmaking traditions. While the specifics remained shrouded in secrecy, whispers suggest that this collaboration imbued the Apple Watch with a hint of horological heritage. A select few from the fashion realm were cherry-picked to join the original Apple Watch development team, tasked with ensuring the device’s design seamlessly fused functionality with style. Enter Apple’s Series 9 – smarter, brighter, mightier, they say. But beyond that, it’s also hailed as the most aesthetically pleasing model to date.

Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of this groundbreaking innovation. This offering takes the form of an Apple Gift Card, redeemable online at Valued at up to $400, redeemable online at Indulge in the latest Apple Watch or any other coveted Apple products and accessories.

Shipping and other important information

  • Redemption:  Bidder will receive a digital Gift Card from for $400.
  • Taxes: The recipient is responsible for any applicable taxes, duties, or fees associated with the receipt or use of this item.
  • Buyer’s Premium: There are no additional hammer fees or buyer’s premiums applied to this auction.

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All bids are non-refundable donations to the nonprofit. In the sole discretion of the nonprofit or the auction item donor, the prize may not be awarded to the high bidder.

Reasons for this may include a lack of fit with the high bidder, or failure by the high bidder to honor these terms and conditions. In this case, the prize will be offered to the next highest bidder.

Bid at your own risk. All donations go directly to the nonprofit and there are no refunds.


  1. the goodbids team Avatar
    the goodbids team

    Please note that after an auction has been extended, each new bid sets a new auction end time.

    This particular auction is currently set to end at 9am ET tomorrow, 4/17/24.

    If someone bids after 9pm ET today, 4/16/24, then the auction end time will be reset to 12 hours after the most recent bid. This is to prevent people from sniping the auction at the last second.

    So if someone bids at 9:01pm ET today, 4/16/24, the new auction end time will be 9:01am ET tomorrow, 4/17/24.

    Other auctions may have shorter extension windows, but in all of our auctions, last minute bids extend the deadline.

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